When you first start writing for a client, you’re full of fresh ideas and can bang out a list of 50-100 content ideas easily.

But after those are gone, it starts to get harder.

First, you turn to the obvious spots - keyword tools and scouring Reddit and other social media sites.

But then you’re in a pickle.

Because when you need new ideas after that, you get the same suggestions from keyword tools (not helpful), or have to wade through a lot of the same content on social media.

For me, it’s been the most frustrating thing as a freelance writer. Going through this painful process and only coming out with a small list of 10-20 ideas after an hour.

But there is a better way...

I know, because I built it to solve this problem.

Enter QuestionDB - Millions of New Reader Questions Every Month

It was obvious to me that sites like Reddit had to be the key to the solution.

They have so much useful data, there’s just a lot of junk to wade through, and it’s inefficient to use it for content ideation every certain number of weeks.

So what if I stored all the questions on it?

Then I (or you) could search for keywords we write about, and see questions that contain them.

The new questions added on a regular basis would result in a steady stream of new content ideas that are efficient to browse through.

That's the idea behind QuestionDB.

I’ve added a few other question sources since then like StackExchange, and am working on adding new ones like Quora.

It saves me about 2 hours every month, and more importantly, it makes ideation so much less painful and frustrating.

So while QuestionDB doesn’t offer everything for free, it’s still easily worth it if you value your time and sanity if you’re a successful writer.